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Carbon-neutral energy supply solutions
VOLTS GROUP is a team of businessmen and engineers with experience in electricity sector.
Primary expertise
is in project management, engineering and design of electricity systems as well as economical feasibility and consulting for projects in Europe and Middle East
12 years
on the electricity market
project designs and EPC
> 2000
of medium and high-voltage substations designed
VOLTS implements large
industrial projects
Power System Design and Modeling
Selection of basic equipment (storage, solar panels, inverters, etc.)
Digital twin simulation of microgrid yearly consumption
Microgrid management and monitoring software
Installation and commissioning
VOLTS provides
Commercial & industrial energy storage solutions
Residential energy storage solutions
Design, concept and simulation of green projects
Microgrid management systems (grid-connected or fully isolated system)
Renewable generation based on solar energy
your business can

Minimize the carbon footprint
Cover electrical needs with solar panels and VOLTS energy storages while using diesel generators only as back up system
Implement microgrid management system

Optimize energy consumption
Portfolio projects
CARBON NEUTRAL ENERGY SUPPLY SOLUTION for headquarters near oilfield
Project solution: to cover 82,5% of energy consumption through the integration of a solar panels and energy storage systems (industrial high-power storage + local storages for low-power distributed load)

Project benefits:

1. It allows to reduce more than 13,000 ton/year CO2 and to cover 85% of electricity consumption by solar panels;

2. Economic effect now is $550.000/year for CO2 Futures and can be increased up to $1.3mio/year ($`100/ton – estimation by 2030);

3. The planned fuel economy is $3,500,000 per year

Portfolio projects
Residential area of production workers

Project solution: to implement off-grid energy solution with industrial Volts storage and solar panels

Project benefits:

1.Fully autonomous carbon neutral microgrid system;

2. Reduced CO2 emissions due to reducing diesel consumption;

3. The payback period is 4-8 years due to savings on diesel fuel (at a price of $ 0.7 per liter) and the economy on carbon futures ($ 100 per ton of CO2).

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